One more time leopard

Leopard? Really? I remember a couple of years ago that leopard was the typical outfit of vulgar girls and prostitutes. Yes, but fashion can change everything, you know that?
So for me this is this really simple and classical dress frome the sale (12,99€ at Pull and Bear), and with it some accessories: nice shoes of teh winter that I already told you about, this really special neclace, and my old earings that I will always love (thanks to G.A.S.).

Again I wanna apologize about my photographer because it is me again, in Zara's store (because the light is good there).

Yes because I went to Zara's so see what they had on sale, and I was quite disappointed. Not much things... I hope you will enjoy this typical poster of sale they always have on the window but.....written in greek! Isn't that cool?

So, I did find two items at Zara's BUT I did not buy them. I know, I am a good girl. But I can still come back tomorrow morning to shop them. Here we have:
-a great big bag in leather. What do you think of it? They still had 3 left tonight so I can still change my mind...
-this little dress I already talk you about a long time ago, that is cute and look a bit vintage. But I am not sure it really fits me. Something about the hips I guess. Your point of view?

I am waiting for your comments Girls! I need your advices!

Dress Pull and Bear, Black vest Camaieu, brown collans Tezenis, Shoes and headband H&M, earings GAS, necklace Sfera. Dress and Bag Zara.

5 commentaires:

  1. Trop chou cette petite robe, j'ADORE le collier!

  2. Magnifique ce collier, j'suis fan! Et jolie robe aussi!

  3. j'aime bien les accessoires, mais je dois dire que le leopard je suis pas fan ... mais la forme de la robe est sympa !

  4. Je pense que tu devrais te faire plaisir car le sac est trés beau et je parle même pas de la robe , qui est juste parfaite !!! Et elle te va super bien je trouve !!!
    Bisoo ma Belle !!!


  5. Je suis assez classique mais après l'avoir vu, revu et rerevu en magasin, j'ai enfin craqué pour l'imprimé léopard (un foulard)!

    Un must!



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