Shopping list of the week...Internet on sale

Sale is not only in the stores, it is now a lot on internet too. Today i made you a small selection of nice items i found on the internet, and on sale of Course.

These items come from 3 differents websites that i'm going to describe here:
  • First, a lot of them come from Asos, the big temple of fashion on internet. They have so many choices and the best clothes of a lot of many brands, with a lot of differents sizes.
  • Secondly I'd like to introduce to you this lovely website where I found the skirt and the necklace. Don't hesistate to visit Les Folies d'Angie , you will find a lot of items of new creators, on sale of course.
  • Last but not least, a lot of girls having a blog are selling their staff and this is the best way to find really cheap nice things, like this Mango vest i found at Le dressing de Sissi.
And there are a lot of websites and blogs with second hand clothes. Here is my selection:
And I will stop here cause there are so many ones!

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