Feeling good in my shoes

Hello girls!

Today was the day of my third exam out of five. And after that, i thought i need to give me some reward. First a delicious piece of greek chocolate and nut cake (kind of brownie but better), then I decided to go visit the archeological musem (last week in Athens after 5 monthes, and I never took the time to go there).
But unfortunately it was closed, because you have to know that in winter, everything is closed after 3pm, and even a lot of shops. Greek people need to rest!
But I took the time to take a few pictures of my look of the day. Nothing really new, exept this fur collar (this is fake of course) that I found on sale for a really cheap prince (10€) at Fullah Sugah. Apparently this is only a greek store but they have really interesting items. This is the place where I found the red gloves. They have a lot of items that look really not classical, quite vulgar sometimes, but if you search a little bit, you can find nice things for a really cheap price (especially during sale, the entire store is -50%).

For the rest of the outfit, nothing new. I really love my boots, they are so confortable! And I have had this skirt for 2 years and the blouse for 3 years. I have to apologize about my hair and the "no make up"
, you know how it can be during exams' day. And I have to admir that the fur doesn't help that much with my thin thin hair...

Skirt and boots H&M, blouse C&A, necklace, purse and bow Stradivarius, vest Bershka, Coat Christina

6 commentaires:

  1. C'est vrai qu'elles ont l'air bien confortables tes boots! Et jolies pour ne rien gâcher!
    Il doit tenir chaud ton (écharpe, tour de cou, col?) en fausse fourrure!

  2. Superbe ta tenue! J'adore les bottes, elles sont géniales!


  3. Ces boots sont très jolies!!!! j'aime beaucoup cette tenue!

  4. Alors moi je craque pour les boots qui sont vraiment très jolies ! Nickel cette tenue :)

  5. Merci pour ton com's et tes encouragements !
    pour la tenue j'adore ! Mais surtout des compensées (j'en suis fan)
    et de ton col en fourrure (grrr)

    Bisous et a très vite j'espere !

    Valentine 13 ans



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